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About Us

Our Mission

Create strong public will for change by engaging the public in designing, shaping and promoting a template for a new health care system.

Our Vision

An economically sustainable health care system that supports the health of all people in the communities where we live. 

Our Principles

We believe the health care system should:

  • Make our health the center of the system and build programs and services to promote our health. 
  • Assure we have the power, authority, resources and responsibility to make our own health care decisions about our physical and mental well-being and a supportive network for those people unable to do so.
  • Give us the tools and information to make these decisions.
  • Guarantee a core set of health care services.
  • Focus first on prevention and health promotion.
  • Assure access to all licensed health care professionals.
  • Be accountable to the people and their communities for quality, access and cost.
  • Improve care by constantly researching and adjusting health care practices.
  • Decrease administrative costs and waste.
  • Address ways in which poverty, the environment and behavior affect our health. 

Our Perspective

The current health care system is economically unsustainable, inequitable and inefficient with high costs and poor outcomes.
We need to identify and give voice to the public’s vision for health system change and create the public will to effect that change.  We strive to outline a positive definition of an equitable, sustainable, efficient and effective health care system.
To date the American public has had no voice in determining core elements of a health care system or in shaping reform.  Using the CodeBlueNow! Pulse® survey tool results, state and federal decision-makers can generate new proposed changes for reform, driven by the public’s vision.
We are working to create a Voters' Health Care Platform with key values and core elements.  This platform will be based on the public’s vision, supported by a critical mass of large national and regional nonprofit, nonpartisan and civic organizations whose members will also support this effort and build momentum for national reform.


CodeBlueNow! is a national, nonpartisan grassroots, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to giving the public a voice in shaping a new health care system. web by NPower Seattle