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About the Platform

The Voters’ Health Care Platform was derived from survey data with almost 8,000 individual survey respondents, including 1,200 people in the statistically valid market research of Iowa and Washington. This means the platform elements are based on statistically valid quantitative data, as well as qualitative data.

CodeBlueNow! differs from other groups because we started by asking what the public wants and would support, rather than leading with a specific solution.

The Voters’ Health Care Platform appeals to Independents and the moderates of both parties who crave new solutions. We have found consensus even in states that might not be expected to agree.  In fact, the responses in Iowa and Washington were virtually identical, with only one question in which there was a statistically significant difference.

This demonstrates that consensus exists on key elements of health care reform, which the public would support.

Using this consensus building data from our survey, CodeBlueNow! believes people from different political parties can work together to achieve real reform similar to that proposed in the platform.

On September 18th, 2008, CodeBlueNow! debuted the Voters’ Health Care Platform at the Health Care Town Meeting.   For more information on this event or to see the presentation, please visit our Town Meeting page.

For full reports on our research, please see The Pulse®.


Platform Highlights

  • Assure everyone has coverage. 
  • Keep a private insurance market, but build in accountability. Hold insurers accountable for cost, quality, efficiency and customer service. Doctors keep private practices and individuals see their licensed provider of choice.
  • Define a basic benefit package all would have. That would lead to administrative simplicity and savings, which could be redirected toward patient care and greater opportunity and freedom because people could choose any job, without fear of losing benefits. Those wanting more benefits can buy more, as they do now. And everyone pays -- individual, employer and government.
  • Reward patients and providers for supporting the health of the patient, improve care for chronic conditions, create incentives to keep people well, while not penalizing those with conditions beyond their control.
  • Use existing agencies to manage the benefits at the state level and let people choose health savings accounts like 401(k) plans that they can use for health care and long-term care. web by NPower Seattle