From the Heart: Too Many Mired Mantras

New attempts after attempts to slaughter the Affordable Care Act drive stakes into my heart.  I cannot be silent and remain true to myself and others.

From 2003 to 2009 we at CodeBlueNow! had the honor of working with the American people to learn what they wanted in a health care system.  They did not care about specific prescribed, slogan solutions from the right or the left. They said they wanted a fair system that works for them, their  families and neighbors. They want accountability, equity and affordablity:

We were honored by The Seattle Post Intelligencer which  ran a 10 consecutive week series on the need for health care reform. Authors included former Republican and Democratic governors, a national technology executive, small business owners and franchise business owners among others. Read the papers here:

In 2000 I wrote: The Buck Stops Nowhere: Why America’s Health Care Is All Dollars and No Sense. A second edition was published  in 2003.  I am now updating it. The following testimonials supported the second edition:

Now we need to tell  our stories.  Some already appear in Gifts From A Stroke on this blog.  A  new website will soon be dedicated to our voices.

How You Can Help

I can’t do this alone. This journey is more than mine. You can send your story. You can lend your name to this effort and join me as a sponsor.  Sponsorships over $100 will be recognized unless you wish to remain anonymous. I have a marketing plan and a budget so I can be held accountable. I am NOT a 501(c)(3). Donations, therefore, are NOT tax deductible.

I believe what three seasoned health care reporters once told a health care executives’ conference remains true:

“All we have are anecdotes. But, in the absence of data from you to the contrary, that accumulation becomes fact.” Our voices must become the facts to turn the tide for a health care system that works for us.  What else besides our voices will?

Without our voices the buck will never stop anywhere except in special interest pockets.

Kathleen O’Connor© November 11, 2014

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