Resources: Under Construction–Some Initial Rehabilitation Questions to Ask–More Resources to Come


This is not a complete or comprehensive list of questions. It is, however, a beginning place for patients and families. Please be sure and review these with your doctor or therapist before taking actions. 

Rehabilitation care is not always covered. It is dictated by your insurance.  Check your policy or ask an insurance broker, social worker or others (More to come).  I would have been lost without excellent hospital and outpatient rehabilitation care.  Also contact your state Rehabilitation Therapists Association (more details to come)

A certified therapist suggested these initial questions: 

  • What type of services does the patient qualify for? 
  • What areas does the patient have as deficits and strengths? How can they be assessed and improved?
  • How can families transfer what has been learned from in-patient rehab to outpatient rehab and home?
  • Is there someone to help with that transition, not just with rehab, but other needs? 
  • Are there patient advocates to help with the decision making process?
  • How can loved ones help with practice skills when the patient is not in therapy?
  • Can the patient physically do a task?
  • Is the patient oriented to time and place?
  • Is the patient self-motivated or need reminders and oversight?
  • Can the patient transfer their skills to other aspects of their rehab?
  • Is caregiver support available? (social workers can connect to caregiver support groups)
  • Is mental health support available? Physical, occupational and speech therapies are often covered, but is mental health?

This site is still under construction.  More resources and questions to come.