Kathleen O'ConnorKathleen O’Connor: 30+ year health care consumer advocate, non-profit executive and author.  Passionate about family and patients’ voices in health care she sponsored a contest in 2003 to “Build An American Health System” to assure the public had a voice rather than relying on policy solutions offered to them. The contest led to the creation of CodeBlueNow! www.codebluenow.org

Publisher: the O’ConnorReport an independent health care policy and politics blog of insights and commentaries. www.oconnorreport.com

Non Profit Leadership: Founder and executive director CodeBlueNow!  Honorary Board included four former governors, Republican and Democrat. Crafted the CodeBlueNow! Papers which ran in The Seattle Post Intelligencer for 10 consecutive weeks. Authors ranged from former governors and entrepreneurs to corporate and foundation executives. http://oconnorreport.com/old/codeblue/vital-signs/codebluenow-papers-seattle-pi-series/CBNpapers.pdf

Books:  The Buck Stops Nowhere: Why America’s Health Care is all Dollars and No Sense  (1st and 2nd editions) Hara Publishing Group;  Embracing Two Lives, a memoir of her life with her son and The Alzheimer’s Caregiver, Strategies for Support, University of Washington Press, 1987. The Buck Stops Nowhere, third edition scheduled for 2015.

Selected Articles and Columns:  The Seattle Times, guest columnist for four years.  Articles and op-eds appeared in Puget Sound Business Journal, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Cover stories include Washington CEO, HMO Magazine and Health Care Informatics among others. Commissioned white papers and reports include The Seattle TimesHealth Care 1987 and You: A Consumer’s Guide to Health Care;” Safeco Insurance Company: Girls to Grandmothers; The Artist Trust, “Access to Affordable Health Care in Washington State For Artists;” US Public Health Service, Region X, “Practice Where It’s Nearly Perfect: The Great Pacific Northwest,”  among many others.

Her first article appeared in The Washington Post in February 1959 when her school was the first in Virginia to be successfully integrated. A follow up guest column appeared  February 2009.   

Community Leadership and Honors:  Family and Patient Advisory Council, The Foundation for Health Care Quality; White House Women’s Conference Circle; Community Leadership Program  sponsored by Kettering Foundation, W.K Kellogg Foundation and the Community Leadership Association; Outstanding Alumni Award, Leadership Tomorrow, Seattle; Distinguished Leadership Award, Community Leadership Association; Medicare Coverage Advisory Commission; and Seattle Women’s Commission, instrumental in introducing legislation to prohibit discrimination in credit and insurance based on gender or marital status. Washington was the first state to do so; King County Board of Mental Health; Save the Pike Street Market Committee, among others.

Organizational Histories:  The Foundation for Health Care Quality: The History of the Foundation for Health Care Quality; The Marguerite Casey Foundation: A Path to Hope; Bastyr University: history co-author, publication scheduled summer 2015.

Personal:  Only child in Naval Aviator family.  Lived throughout the United States and spent high school years in Japan.  She holds a BA and MA in Japanese and Comparative Governments from the University of Washington.