A Veteran’s Cancer Story

In the last post Gerrit said he had to take a loan against his house.  He had health insurance but he could not work.  He had mortgage and living costs in addition to medical.  Social Security will enroll people in Medicare if they are disabled.  It takes about a year to activate.  Here’s another story.  This time about a cancer patient who’s a veteran: 

Two years ago Sue, a US Veteran, and her husband needed financial help to travel about 600 miles round trip from Central Washington to Seattle where she could receive cancer treatment for her Stage IV head and neck cancer. This type of cancer requires major life adjustments including help with eating and speech and necessitates physically altering surgeries. She and her husband had exhausted their credit cards and depleted their savings to pay for transportation to and from treatments. They had no money for gas to go to and from local VA facilities much less travel for needed treatments in Seattle. Because they lived in central Washington it was hard to travel in the winter when snow clogged the mountain passes. A rare patient assistance program in Seattle, CancerLifeline, finally helped them with travel and support needs.  www.cancerlifeline.org

Various cancer support agencies exist across the US. Some focus on their municipal area, some are state wide and there are a few national organizations, such as Gilda’s Club. Each provides slightly different support. But many do not provide financial support for needed non-medical services.

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Kathleen O’Connor(c) September 24, 2014

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